Tenere700’s Forest

We are proud to announce the Kick off of the Project : Tenere700.bike’s Forest in Dakar

We have team up With Bambini del Deserto and Ayris to plant 700 Acacia in Thies (Close to Dakar)

If you want to part of the journey or support us.. just contact us!!

At MBE next saturday 15.1 it will be presented the software how to calculate your footprint impact and how you can plant acacias to mitigate, developing also work and sustaining social cooperatives.



The Ténéré Tree was a solitary acacia , that was once considered the most isolated tree on Earth—the only one for over 150 kilometres (93 mi). It was a landmark on caravan routes through the Tenere region of the Sahara Desert in northeast Niger, so well known that it and the Arbre Perdu (Lost Tree) to the north are the only trees to be shown on a map at a scale of 1:4,000,000. The Tree of Ténéré was located near a 40-metre (130 ft) deep well. It was knocked down in 1973 by a truck driver.

Then with The Paris Dakar become one of the symbols of that Race … a important reference point reported in all Roadbooks that the drivers overcame at stellar speeds on the sand.

Reading this short story ,the thoughts flew and began to formulate ideas .. first fragmentary .. even a little confusing .. but then slowly, the more the days went by .. and Finally one clear and define Vision appeared :

Replant not one but many trees … 700 … create a small forest … a first step to recall the lost symbol ..

Involving the Riders from all over the world .. in synergy for a single purpose and one day to go all together.

Retrace the path that made us dream since we were children .. and go and plant those plants yourself in those places ”

So We Built a Partnership with Ayris.it and Bambini nel deserto to set up a Forest in Senegal (Thies) .

The Forest of Thienaba in Senegal . This new project is being developed in Darou Mbodji which is part of the municipality of Thienaba, in the Thies region of Senegal.

The goal that we want to achieve together with you is to create a forest of indigenous trees, of different species, which will help to combat global warming and desertification while offering 10 women a job in the field of protection of the local environment.

The project will develop through a series of linked and successive actions

* Establishment of a women’s cooperative and professional training of its members in the field of agroforestry (10 womans);

*Installation of a wire mesh perimeter of the intervention area to protect the trees from wandering animals;

* Excavation of a well (forage) with a depth of about 30 meters; Installation of a submersible pump powered by a 4 Kw photovoltaic system;

*Creation of a nursery in which up to 4,000 trees will be produced per year; Planting of the trees on an area that will initially be 2 hectares.

Link to the page :

La Foresta di Thienaba – Ayris

How to support? :

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